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This is a collection of the peal compositions I have rung.
Please don't take my word for it that they're true though. If you do spot any errors, please email me and let me know.

Triples (15 compositions)
Triples and Major (1 compositions)
Major (189 compositions)
Caters (27 compositions)
Caters and Royal (2 compositions)
Royal (85 compositions)
Cinques (44 compositions)
Cinques and Maximus (3 compositions)
Maximus (47 compositions)

Richard I Allton (3 compositions)
I J Anderson (1 compositions)
Richard J Angrave (2 compositions)
Benjamin Annable (1 compositions)
Anonymous (1 compositions)
Neil R Aspland (1 compositions)
E M Atkins (1 compositions)
Samuel M austin (2 compositions)
Roger Bailey (1 compositions)
G Baker (1 compositions)
Roger Baldwin (13 compositions)
E A Barnett (2 compositions)
Dale Barton (1 compositions)
D W Beard (1 compositions)
James W Belshaw (3 compositions)
Mark Bennett (1 compositions)
P A Bird (1 compositions)
Peter Border (4 compositions)
Graham M Bradshaw (10 compositions)
Daniel Brady (2 compositions)
Robert D S Brown (3 compositions)
Alan S Burbidge (1 compositions)
Alex F Burne (1 compositions)
R H Burton (1 compositions)
Ian Butters (1 compositions)
BYROC (12 compositions)
George H Campling (6 compositions)
John Carter (3 compositions)
Harold G Cashmore (1 compositions)
W A Cave (1 compositions)
Steven D Chandler (1 compositions)
Alistair Cherry (1 compositions)
John E Chilcott (2 compositions)
M Chilcott (1 compositions)
James Clatworthy (9 compositions)
Stephen A Coaker (9 compositions)
M A Coleman (2 compositions)
Edward P D Colliss (1 compositions)
COMPGEN (2 compositions)
B D Constant (1 compositions)
W J Couperthwaite (2 compositions)
Anthony J Cox (23 compositions)
A Craven (1 compositions)
Richard G Crosland (1 compositions)
Mark B Davies (6 compositions)
William J Dawson (1 compositions)
F Dench (1 compositions)
R E J Dennis (3 compositions)
Frank E Derby (1 compositions)
N J Deserens (1 compositions)
F H Dexter (2 compositions)
Graham A Duke (1 compositions)
Matthew Durham (1 compositions)
Philip J Earis (1 compositions)
Mark R Eccleston (1 compositions)
Elf (3 compositions)
Simon C Farrar (2 compositions)
John H Fielden (9 compositions)
Ian R Fielding (6 compositions)
C Forster (2 compositions)
J M Goldthorpe (1 compositions)
A Graham (1 compositions)
Robin O Hall (1 compositions)
R E Hardy (1 compositions)
A P Heywood (1 compositions)
James W Holdsworth (4 compositions)
Jsmes W Holdsworth (1 compositions)
I M Holland (1 compositions)
Alexander E Holroyd (1 compositions)
T Hooley (3 compositions)
R R Horton (3 compositions)
David E House (3 compositions)
A Hudson (1 compositions)
John N Hughes-D'Aeth (6 compositions)
David G Hull (10 compositions)
S Humphrey (1 compositions)
J M Hadley Hunter (2 compositions)
C James Hustler (1 compositions)
Richard A G Inglis (2 compositions)
S J Ivin (5 compositions)
Stanley Jenner (4 compositions)
Graham A C John (4 compositions)
A Johnson (1 compositions)
Henry Johnson (1 compositions)
John R Ketteringham (1 compositions)
Robert C Kippin (5 compositions)
Arthur Knights (1 compositions)
J R Leary (1 compositions)
Robert W Lee (8 compositions)
R LeMarechal (1 compositions)
Roy LeMarechal (1 compositions)
C K Lewis (1 compositions)
John R Martin (1 compositions)
Andrew C Mayes (1 compositions)
J R Mayne (2 compositions)
C Middleton (2 compositions)
Donald F Morrison (37 compositions)
Paul N Mounsey (7 compositions)
Paul Needham (6 compositions)
Nigel J Newton (1 compositions)
Richard C Offen (2 compositions)
J J Parker (1 compositions)
R J Parker (1 compositions)
Richard A Pearce (1 compositions)
Robert Peers (2 compositions)
Gerald Penney (1 compositions)
Stephen W Penney (13 compositions)
James W Holdsworth and David J Pipe (1 compositions)
R W Pipe (1 compositions)
Roderick W Pipe (3 compositions)
Albert J Pitman (4 compositions)
N J Pitstow (1 compositions)
John Pladdys (2 compositions)
J H Potter (1 compositions)
Brian D Price (2 compositions)
J R Pritchard (1 compositions)
Richard B Pullin (1 compositions)
Richard Pullin (1 compositions)
W Pye (1 compositions)
C Ravenscroft (1 compositions)
Alan G Reading (5 compositions)
C W Roberts (1 compositions)
Christopher H Rogers (2 compositions)
K W Scudamore (1 compositions)
C J Sedgley (1 compositions)
E C Shepherd (1 compositions)
M C W Sherwood (2 compositions)
Norman Smith (2 compositions)
C P Starbuck (1 compositions)
Bernard H Taylor (5 compositions)
Glenn A A Taylor (1 compositions)
John M Thurman (2 compositions)
Andrew J W Tibbetts (4 compositions)
R J W Tibbetts (1 compositions)
Trad. (9 compositions)
A M Tyler (2 compositions)
Albert M Tyler (1 compositions)
J S Warboys (8 compositions)
J W Washbrook (3 compositions)
Brian E Whiting (1 compositions)
Michael P A Wilby (1 compositions)
P M Wilkinson (1 compositions)
Lucinda J Woodward (1 compositions)
R E H Woolley (1 compositions)
John Worth (1 compositions)